Oscar van Alphen
De Jordaan, Amsterdam, 1957-58


The Velvet Underground, Big Eye of Nico, April 1, 1966
Fred W. McDarrah


La Push, Washington


"These bitches think they artists."


in those mere three months, we visited the airport twice. the second time was to say goodbye for four months.

but now you’re back. we have the same city to call

home, a fifteen-minute walk

to each other, and our own

individual hopes and dreams-

in addition to mutual ones we

wanted to share together. but it 

can’t work.

last night, you called, half asleep with your phone against the pillow. you told me you were thinking of me and you couldn’t wait to be by my side, and help me figure things out, next year in montreal. it was that moment that i felt as if an eighteen-wheeler truck was sitting

on my chest, threatening to crush my ribs. 

our relationship was

like a meteor shower,

or a shooting star- [there was once]

a flash of beauty, of awe and excitement, and then

an unforgiving emptiness in the dark sky. 

maybe the fact that it became so easy to look at you and feel nothing means that I never fully gave my heart to you in the first place